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What is Style Coaching™ ?

Style Coaching™ is a holistic approach to image consulting.

It was founded in 2005 by Tracey Redmond a Professional Stylist and NLP Practitioner and Gary Redmond an Accredited Life Coach. Both, they co-founded the Style Coaching Institute.

It is a unique combination of the skills of a Personal Stylist and a Life Coach. A Personal Stylist will help someone achieve a new look and change his or her appearance. A Life Coach will coach someone through changes by helping them set goals and achieve them by appropriate encouragement.

Helping someone find his or her own Style Personality, help them find what kind of clothes fit them right, taking into consideration the person's own Body figure, the person's personality, their personal colours and their lifestyle, and so to empower his or her self-esteem and bring them confidence.

By working together, our aim will be to surpass any limiting beliefs we may have for ourselves and find the connection within our true self and our true values, that is who we truly are. The goal is to have the life that we think we deserve to have, the life that will help us be our true selves, because each one of us is different and special! Live the life that fulfils and brings balance and harmony.

Style is something everybody can achieve, and not as most people think that is something you are born with.

It is something completely personal and unique!

It is a combination of taking out the confidence you have inside of you. By knowing your personality, what suits you, and the authenticity of each person. Style is about being proud of yourself and believing that you deserve it!

Style doesn't have to be expensive, by buying just expensive things.

Everybody in some stage of our life, felt lost in our life's routine as a result feeling miserable in our appearance and in our life, and most of the time we spend money in buying the wrong things without knowing what really suits us and what we really want to achieve.

If you feel, you need a change or you are not feeling so self-confident with your appearance or just want to change your wardrobe, Annita as an accredited Style Coach, can help you set and achieve your goals. Showing and giving out your best self, will give you better results and success in your life.

Alpha Style Coaching, encourages people to ‘Change’, if they feel that the right time has come, for a personal ‘Change’!


Personal Life And Style Coaching

Alpha Style Coaching

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