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Welcome to Alpha Style Coaching™

Alpha Style Coaching™  is here to make sure you look good on the outside and feel great on the inside!

We strongly believe in the mind and body connection.

Finding balance leads to inner peace, confidence, happiness and success. Alpha Style Coaching™  is here to help people feel happy of how they look and live. Alpha Style Coaching™  wants people to be proud of themselves. Whatever their age, their social status or their budget.

Live a Happy Life every day of your life!

Alpha Style Coaching™  is for anybody who would like to improve the way they look or the way they feel.

It is for everyday men and women from all walks of life. Start feeling Happy Today!

How we look outside can influence our inside as well as our inside can influence our outside.

In every stage of our life, whatever the age, no matter if you are a housewife, a full-time mother, a professional, a career woman, someone who is seeking a job, a new relationship, or a teenager who needs a boost on confidence during the difficult time of teens, or a pensioner who wants a new start in an already changing life.

Appearance and Image is very important. For ourselves and those around us who interact with us every day.

Nothing can change a first impression! Especially if you have just one chance to show who you really are. We always want and should want, to form the right and best impression, because every one of us has a

Self - respect value.

How would you like others to see you? Make the Change! You desire a positive outlook? You would like to start a new relationship? A new career, a job promotion, a new direction in life?

You are already successful but want to be even more successful in all areas of your life?

There is always place for progress!

Contact Style Coach Annita Hannadja, the first Accredited Style Coach™  in Cyprus.

Annita is qualified to give advice on how someone should be dressed and behave for their own best results.

She has always been a creative person, a fashion designer (graduate of Italian Institute), an NLP Practitioner and she speaks fluently the English, Greek, French and Italian languages.

Annita is a happy mother of three children and she believes in Changes and Progress starting from ourselves.

As a Style Coach Annita values and respects the people she works with. She believes in enthusiasm, in a pleasant company, in trustworthiness and in a happy result.

Annita, can find the right clothes for YOU. Considering your body shape, your personality, your height, your personal colouring, your lifestyle, and what you want to achieve and at the same time focusing and boosting on confidence. That is where our true style comes out from. Giving attention to your Environment too, as our environment can affect us positively or negatively in our daily life. Knowing what to buy from shops can save us a lot of time and money.

Change means progress, so if you feel you need a change NOW, do not postpone it. Respect yourself because you know you have all you need inside of you to have the best in your life and you can achieve the life you want to have. The world needs your best too!

 Everyone has the right of a proper image and a happy life!


Personal Life And Style Coaching

Alpha Style Coaching

Mrs Annita Hannadja
Email: annita@alphastylecoach.com
Phone: +357 99061447